1959 Turner Climax

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1959 Turner Climax




Quick Facts

Build Start: 1959

Last on sale: 1966

Drive System:

All Turners shared the same ingredients as the original 803 Sports, and from the 950 Sports onwards, the excellent Climax FWA and 1220cc 90bhp FWE engines were made an optional extra to create the Turner-Climax. Considering it was a low volume special, the Turner-Climax was very well finished, and drove every bit as well as the Austin-Healey Sprite that it was often compared against. In truth, the special car was far quicker, but because it cost at least a third more than its BMC rival, sales were slow.

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  • 1959
  • 1966
  • Climax
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  • 1372mm
  • 2070mm
  • 600kg
  • 3505mm
  • 1194mm
  • 85bhp
  • 12.8s
  • 2
  • 75lb/ft
  • 99mph

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