1964 Vauxhall Victor FC 101

Car Specs

1964 Vauxhall Victor FC 101




Quick Facts

Price (when new): 753

Build Start: 1964

Last on sale: 1967

Drive System:

Available in other variants
The British small car market was swelled in 1963 by the belated entry of Vauxhall with its Viva HA. Stylistically, it was nothing to get excited about; the angular looks were bland by comparison with rivals. However, the mechanical package was neat enough with a four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox, sharp rack-and-pinion steering and front disc brakes as an option. The more desirable variants – the De Luxe and the SL90 – boasted 54bhp from their 1057cc engines, but the Viva’s main claim to fame was in being the first UK car with acrylic lacquer paint. Which doesn’t make it that memorable...

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  • 1964
  • 1967
  • Victor
  • 1086kg
  • 2540mm
  • 1650mm
  • 1450mm
  • 4440mm
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  • 17.1s
  • 137km/h
  • 86lb/ft
  • 60bhp
  • 2
Fuel Consump.
  • 26mpg
  • €753
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