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BMW Style 18 Wheels


The Style 18 wheel is part of Bmw's lineup of OEM wheels. The Bmw Style 18 is available in diameters of 15", 16" and 17" inches, with a bolt pattern of 5x120. Originally made to compliment the lines of the Bmw E34, E39, E36, E46, Z3 and E38, but might fit other cars given the specifications match below with the replacement wheel. The style given to this wheel is best described as Round Spoke.

Understanding the specifications of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels is crucial for car owners. OEM wheels are designed by your car's manufacturer to meet specific standards, ensuring optimal performance and style for your vehicle.

These wheels are not just functional components; they contribute significantly to your car's aesthetics and overall performance. Exploring the Bmw OEM wheel options available for your vehicle by clicking on the car's chassis code under "CarCode" column allows you to maintain its original design intent while enhancing its look and functionality.

Wheel specifications, such as diameter, width, offset, and bolt pattern, are key factors to consider. These specifications ensure that the wheels fit perfectly on your car, maintaining its balance and handling characteristics. Moreover, the style of OEM wheels can vary, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your vehicle's appearance.

In conclusion, OEM wheels are more than just standard equipment; they are an integral part of your car's identity. Understanding their specifications and style options empowers you to make informed decisions, preserving your vehicle's originality while enhancing its performance and aesthetics. So, dive into the world of OEM wheels to discover the perfect fit for your Bmw.

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 Diameter PCDTire *WeightCarModelCarCodeCarVariant
15"15x7J ET205x120225/60R158.83kg5series E34316i - 320
15"15x7J ET205x120225/60R158.83kg5series E39520, 525
15"15x7J ET475x120205/60R158.65kg3series E36 
15"15x7J ET475x120205/60R158.65kg3series E46316i - 320
15"15x7J ET475x120205/60R158.65kgZseries Z3Roadster 1.8 / 1.9
16"16x7J ET205x120225/55R1610.65kg5series E34316i - 320
16"16x7J ET205x120225/55R1610.46kg5series E39520, 525
16"16x7J ET465x120225/50R169.33kg3series E36 
16"16x7J ET465x120225/50R169.33kg3series E46316i - 320
16"16x7J ET465x120225/50R169.33kgZseries Z3Roadster / Coupe
16"16x7.5J ET205x120235/60R1610.68kg7series E38520, 525
17"17x7.5J ET415x120225/45R1710.8kg3series E36 
17"17x7.5J ET415x120225/45R1710.8kgZseries Z3Roadster / Coupe
17"17x8J ET205x120235/45R1711.7kg5series E34316i - 320
17"17x8J ET205x120235/45R1712.39kg5series E39520, 525
17"17x8.5J ET415x120245/40R1712kg3series E36 
17"17x8.5J ET415x120245/40R1712kgZseries Z3Roadster / Coupe
17"17x9J ET225x120255/40R1711.5kg5series E34316i - 320
17"17x9J ET265x120255/40R1712.18kg5series E39520, 525
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