Drift Allstars European Finals 2012 in Malta

  • September 18, 2012
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The most professional drifting series in Europe,  Drift Allstars held its final championship (Round 6)  in Malta during the weekend of September 14th to 16th, 2012.at the St. Claire College grounds in Pembroke, Malta.

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The end-of-season race in which drivers from all corners of Europe  tore up the tarmac to get the title of the 2012 champion. After competing in the previous rounds in the UK, Ireland, Romania and Hungary, the crowned European Drift Champions for 2012 are:

  1.  Alan Sinnott Drifting Nexen Tire Europe
  2.  Lluis Lopez Drifting Fan Page NEXEN TIRE
  3.  Nigel Colfer Marangoni Tyre (UK)
This round also included an amateur cup for both local drivers and other upcoming European drivers.

This is not the first time Malta hosted Drift Allstars Drift as last year, 2011 Malta was part of the series as well. Being a small island large crowds where attracted making it a huge national event in Malta, with all the excitement and unique Mediterranean backdrop all added to a really unique drift environment. Entrance fee for this rare experience was just €10 for the basic entry to see it all.

Besides the drifting  the event also hosted Modifyit  (local modified car exhibition), DB Drag car sound competition, Team Maximum Lock a renowned Maltese drift stunt team and international stunt bike driver Angaly Zoltan.

Clear track at Pembroke, Malta on Friday afternoon, Drift Allstars 2012 Finals Team Maximum Lock Pits The New Toyota GT86 on display by Michael Debono Ltd. GT86 on display while drifter Keith Borg passes by in his S14. Drift car pits Lluis Lopez purple Nissan S14 with a sore ass Nigel Colfer's Nissan S13 Saj from Jap Performance Parts with the Scooby Landrover Defender loaded with tires Yellow Nissan PS13 driven by Scotty from Skylinepart Drift Team Ricky Drift Wheels Drift Alloys Wide bodied Subaru Impreza Drifter with an Nissan RB26 transplant Black Drift Nissan Skyline R33 Drift Car Line up Quick repair on Toyota Corolla Drift car Pit lane Drift cars pit area Shawn Spiteri's Orange rotary Mazda RX7 Impreza and S15 Waiting its turn to attack the track Filippo Pirini's White MX-5 Juha Rintanen's Nissan Silvia Drift Allstars Malta 2012 Pit Area Drifting Pembroke, Malta Pit Area Waring Motorosport Area. Enter at your own risk sign with a Toyota Ae86 in background. Drift Cars at the beginning of the finals Mazda MX5 from Italy and Nissan Silvia from Spain Wheels Porsche Cayenne Bentley Continental and Mercedes Pembroke Backdrop Wrapped Toyota Yaris/Vitz Wrapped Metallic Audi TT Quattro Team Maximum Lock 350Z Hell Dodge Ram Matte black Mitsubishi Evolution Vinyl installation Wrapped Audi TTs Vinyl wrapping by Source-R Autostyling Centre. K-Sport by Source-R Autostyling Centre. Nissan 350Z 350Z Drifter Wrapped Porsche in Matte black by Carden Mizzi from Carden Automotive Arts Alfa Romeo Gulia Subaru Impreza GC Honda Civic EK Chevrolet Camaro Third generation: 1982–1992 Pontiac Firebird Third generation (1982–1992) Pontiac Firebird 3rd Gen (1982–1992) with chrome engine bay Ford Mustang 5th generation (2005) Chevrolet Corvette Third generation-C3 (1968–1982) Allstars 2012 Finals background Shell Fuel Area Shell Banners Red/Black Toyota AE86 Clean Toyota AE86 Toyota AE86 drifting Black Nissan S14 Nissan 200sx drifting Nissan drifting Nissan S13 Kane Pisani in his  diesel Toyota Celica Keith Borg Nissan S14 Keith Borg Nissan S14 - side view Keith Borg Nissan S14 Keith Borg Nissan S14 Bibla Mitubishi Evo Allstarts 2012 Malta Track BMW E34 5 series drifting Drift cars lining up BMW E30 with V8 M3 engine Nissan Skyline CBorg Nissan Silvia Drift car Nissan Silvia with Corvette V8 engine Purple Nissan Silvia with Aerokit.eu kit Yellow PS13 drift car White Mazda MX5 driven by Filippo Pirini Presenter Farek Kugay Nigel Colfer's Nissan S13 All the way from Finland - Juha Rintanen Paul Borg in his BMW E36 Frank Spiteri's Red Mazda RX7 Red Nissan PS13 Red Nissan S13 Battered Wall Black BMW E30 The majority of the drift cars were fitted with Aerokit kits. Brad McQueen in the Ouch Tattoo Nissan S14 Toyota Soarer and Subaru Impreza in a drift battle. Walton Smith and Ricky Emery battling. Jap Perfomance Parts Drift Scooby Aerokit's Nissan Skyline R33 BMW E36 Nissan S14 Black BMW E30 Drift Toy Frank Rotaries Frank's Mazda RX7 Italian Silver Nissan S13 Clean BMW E30 Ford Sierra drifter driven by Marco Stellino from Italy Nissan R33 Nissan R33 Orange BMW E36 White BMW E36 Blue BMW E36 Nissan Silvia Drifter Bmw E30 White BMW E36 BMW E30 A60 Toyota Celica BMW E30 Old School Toyota Corolla Mitsubishi Evo Burnout Franks Rotaries Ventur's Yellow AE86 Kurt Ventur drifting Yellow Toyota AE86 Ford Sierra drift machine Pro drifters being interviewed live in front of the crowd. Pro drifter Nigel Colfer being interviewed Alan Sinnott Faruk interviewign the drivers Drift Cars all lined up in front of the audience. Drift Cars all lined up in front of the audience in Malta 2012. Allstars Drift Cars all lined up in front of the audience. Shawn Spiteri Interview at Allstars Malta 2012 REd Nissan drifting Ford Sierra Walton Smith flooring it every lap! Jap Perfomance Scooby Monster Walton Smith drifting the Jap Performance Subaru Suabru drifter with Nissan engine and gearbox Walton Smith drifting the Jap Performance Impreza Walton Smith burning rubber Scooby drift attack Walton Smith drifting the Jap Performance Subaru Walton Smith drifting the Jap Performance Subaru Walton Smith drifting the Jap Performance Subaru Brad McQueen drifting in the Nissan S14 Ouch Tattoo car Shawn Spiteri with the only rotary engine in the Pro series Shawn Spiteri Drifting in his Mazda RX7 Malta's very own professional drifter MAzda RX7 drifting Drifting at night Nissan drifting in Malta Allstars Nissan S14 with RB20 engine drifting Silver Nissan Drifting Keith Borg in his white Nissan S14 Keith Borg in his white Nissan 200sx Keith Borg in his white Nissan Silvia Alan Sinnott Allstars 2012 drift champion Corvette powered Nissan Silvia Nissan Silvia drifter scrapping the wall Alan Sinnott's in his Nissan Silvia Lluis Lopez battling with Filippo Pirini Nissan Silvia battleing with Mazda Miata Impreza vs R33 Spin by Walton causes near miss. Scooby spin out Anthony Scott in his Nissan PS13 Scotty's PS13 Black Evo Silvia vs RX7 Achilles Tire's drift car at it Drift car smoking it! Juha Rintanen at the wheel Juha Rintanen was said to have brought teh top cover of his engine in his hand luggage on Ryanair. Frank Spiteri in his Red RX7 Spectators Motorsport Risk Signage Evo Drifting PS13 vs MX5 Nissan vs Mazda in drifting Scotty Sideways BMW E36 sideways Nissan sideways Orange BMW E36 Sideways BMW E36 BMW E30 sideways drift Mercedes C63 with blown tire Farek Kugay in the Shell VIP Box Farek Kugay in the Shell VIP Box Shell VIP Box Forklift moving concrete block back into position Angyal Zoltan stunt motorcyclist Angyal Zoltan former world bike stunt rider Zoltan Bike burnout Zoltan Bike Stand Zoltan Bike wheelie Zoltan reverse seat ride Zoltan no hands stand on scrambler Zoltan stunt One Angyal Zoltan tricks. Zoltan and Mario Mifsud (DJ Banana) Zoltan and Mario Mifsud (DJ Banana) Mario Mifsud (DJ Banana) not being so comfortable Zoltan attacks Mario Mifsud (DJ Banana) manhood Angyal Zoltán Talent Zoltan with fire horns Angyal Zoltan Fire bike Angyal Zoltan Fire bike Angyal Zoltan Fire bike Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Mario Mifsud with George Muscat from KSL Malta Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Close call Team Maximum Lock Synchronized Drifting. Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Christian Abela walking on top of the TML cars while they are driving themselves. Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock Team Maximum Lock head to head Team Maximum Lock drifting Team Maximum Lock on Fire TML bumper to bumper Mark Galea and MArk Abela waivign to the crowd. White Nissan R33 from Aerokit Stitched up bumper with cable ties Franks Rotaries Jap Performace Parts Scooby Jap Performace Parts Scooby Where did the Boxer go? Scotty's Nissan Drift Car interior Anthony Scott European Pro Drifter Quick repair - CAble Ties are a drifters best friend Parts! Wheel change View from pits Drift Cars Tire change Nissan S13 Drift Car Interior 265/35 R18 if you wonder what tires they run on Drift All Stars Some really cool Rays Engineering wheels. Nissan Skyline Rear view at night Toyota Soarer Rear view at night Toyota Soarer in pitlane More drift parts! Ouch Tattoos Drift Car The end of a weekend of drifting Mercedes C63 v8 aftermath Malta Drift Cars Lining up for the track Malta Drift Cars Malta 2012 Drift Cars Malta 2012 Drift Cars Jap Perfomance Parts Drift Car Kissed by a drift car Debris from tire smoke Journey to Malta 2012 Jap Performance Parts Subaru Forester Yellow Mitsubishi Evo BMW E92 M Sport with Red Leather Interior Chrysler 300C GT86 side badge - the opposing pistons Kuki bodykits - BMW E46, Fiat Kuki bodykits - Integra, Vitz Sosig Sound Dial-a-cab Service Yellow Retro London Taxi Mini Z Badge Nissan 350Z TML 350Z with backdrop Model with TML 350Z Models with TML 350Z Finish drift driver - Juha Rintanen TML Drivers in the Shell booth Clint Abela signing posters for the fans Mark Galea doing signatures Christian Bezzina doing signatures Literally getting signed by the drivers Allstars Drift Championship Trophies

Main photos by: Robert Cuschieri

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