Honda Fest 4 Malta

  • September 21, 2013
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Honda Fest is the largest gathering of Hondas on the island of Malta. The original Honda Fest in 2011 was not so long ago, however in just 2 years it grew 5 times fold. This year the gathering took place on the 20th September, 2013 at Hard Rocks Business Park in Burmarrad, Malta.

"it looks like its going to be the BIGGEST Honda FEST ever"
- said  Jason Cini (Organizer / Source-R AutoStyling Managing Director), was a complete understatement as this year saw about 200 Hondas including Civics of all years, CRX, CRZ, S2000, Integra, Accord, and the special appearance of an S800 and NSX. Richard Graziella Gatt could be also seen hard at work together with Jason Cini to make sure all was in order.

See if you can spot your Honda :)

Honda Accord Honda S2000 Honda S800 and S2000 Honda S800 Honda Retro vs Modern Hondas Honda Integra DC5 DC5 Mugen Bumper Honda Civic EK9 Honda Accord Red EK Civic Yellow EK civic Honda Integra DC2 Black EK Civic 3M Pearl White wrap on Civic EP Civic White Teggy Yellow Euro DC2 Blue EG Civic Tegs Yellow Teg with Carbon trunk and hood EK Civic Red Vintage S800 Interior S800 Rear S800 Side S2000 Honda Civic Type-R

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