Car scene in Greater Toronto Area

Car scene in Greater Toronto Area

During my brief visit in Toronto, Canada I realized how popular and big the car scene on the other side of the pond. We usually get you content that happens within Europe, which is where we are based however this tiem round we are pleased to show you some fantastic motors from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We quickly found out that piston heads here are mainly influenced by American, Japanese and German cars, no Fiats or Alfa Romeos here! The amount of creativity and money is unbelievable on some cars and despite the fact that the authorities are very strict. In fact heavy penalties to any cars that are modified from standard are given.

Would we go again? Yes, however not in October. It was raining most of the time and I can only imagine what cars would be unleashed on the Toronto streets if the weather was good outside.

Here are some photos of the cars we spotted during our trip.


A message from a local car nut  in Toronto:

Please keep your racing tendancies to the track! When you leave it for the streets the legitimate modders get caught up in it as well, where MTO pulled over hundreds of modded cars for "random spot checks". Very unnecessary, but its the reputation few have built for many. Get back the good rep and keep it to the track.

Thank you.

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