Popemobiles at a Glance

Popemobiles at a Glance

It all started with the Pope Pius XI were the pope used cars on some occasions in favor of horse drawn carriages. These horse drawn carriages officially became  history in 1931 when the tiny city-state started its own registry of motor vehicles with the license plate SCV and the Popemobile (Papalmobile) was born with the plate SCV 1. Cars such as the Bianchi Tipo 15, Bianchi Tipo 20, the Fiat 525, the Graham Paige 837, the Citroen C6 Lictoria Sex and the Mercedes 460 ...etc were used in the past. In the early 1900's Fiat, Citroen, Lancia and Lincoln  were often used as Papamobile. The late Pope John Paul II seemed to be a fan of the Land Rovers and Mercedes were the recent resigned Pope Benedict XVI was in favour of hybrid cars such as a modified Renault Kangoo.

So we ask ourselves what if the new Pope gets an upgrade like something sportier, compact to fit in most urban environments, and the most important to relate to the new generation of young Catholics, and so we came up with our own version of Pope Mobile GT86 in the photo below.

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Toyota GT86 Popemobile



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