Not everything you see or read is true

Not everything you see or read is true

Car "expert" Matt Farah is easily fooled into believing he is driving a real 1968 365 V12 Ferrari re bodied to look like a 1962 Ferrari GTO.  However its actually a Datstun 240Z with an Alpha 250 fiberglass body. While driving, Matt goes on about the sound of the Ferrari V12 and Ferrari chassis when it's actually a six cylinder Datsun engine and Datsun transmission and Datsun unibody.

The "Ferrari" test drive starts at 6:22

Note the Datsun hatchback struts visible in the interior shots, wrong stance, wrong sound, incorrect number of shark gill vents on the front fenders, cheap bolt-on chrome wire wheels, Datsun windshield, doors, windows, etc.

As Matt was fooled, so could you by any car. We advice just be careful when purchasing a classic and do your homework properly.


It starts out as a Datsun 240z



The Alpha 250 kit comes as pictured



Mid way through the transition


And finally it looks like a Ferrari and will fool anyone!

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