Queen of Europe Drift Ladies League

Queen of Europe Drift Ladies League

Queen of Europe - The European Ladies League is the first ever drift event for women only and 2013 was the first edition of this league were 10 ladies took part. From 2013 the King of Europe Drift Championship was divided into four sub categories: ProSeries, Street Legal, Queen of Europe and Drift GrandPrix.The project of Queen of Europe is venture between Franck Blanchard and Michael Procureur. Towards round 2 and 3 a guest judge Efrat Hoffman from Israel joined the committee.

Franck-Blanchard-France Franck Blanchard (France)
  • Creator
  • Drift Team Manager
  • International Judge
  • Member of King of Europe
Michael-Procureur-Belgium Michael Procureur (Belgium)
  • CEO at King of Europe
  • International judge
  • Creator of World Drift Association.
 Efrat-Hoffman-israel Efrat Hoffman (Israel)
  • CEO at MyWay Drift School
  • Drift instructor
  • Drifter
  • Guest Judge
Queen of Europe all started with Round 1 being held in eastern Europe in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria with five girls that competing for Queen of Europe Round 1 (more joined later), however these girls also competed with the other 20 male drivers in the events of King of Europe. Iva Rusinova with her yellow Subaru Impreza and Raya Yordanova in her BMW V8 powered E30 were both local to Bulgaria. Foreign to the country were Ramona Rusu from Romania with her BMW M5 powered E30, Karolina Pilarczyk from Poland who used her newly acquired Nissan S14 powered by a Corvette LS engine and last but not least Danielle Murphy all the way from Ireland with her Green Monster Nissan S14.The series continued another round in Hungary and ended with Round 3 in Croatia,August 2013The overall ranking at end of season is as follows:
Danielle-Murphey-Ireland-Nissan 1st: Danielle Murphy (Queen of Europe 2013)

Danielle is a professional drift driver from Dublin, Ireland. Danni grew up surrounded by motorsport and mechanics so it no wonder from where she took her passion to the track. From an early age all she can remember is her parents sharing their passion for the fast cars and customizing their trucks. Danni's father also was involved in the hot rods competitions and stock car racing.Danielle and her two brothers were taught how to drive and were encouraged to participate in motorsports which led her into the competitive male dominated world of drifting.Currently shes driving a Nissan Silvia S14.

 Karolina-Pilarczyk-Poland-S14 2nd: Karolina Pilarczyk (Poland)

For Karolina her passion for the motorsport started quite early at the age of 13. That was when she sat for the first time behind the wheel. After getting her driving licence she decided to develop more her driving skills by attending a driving school. There she learned the techniques of how to handle a vehicle in difficult situations. She’s currently known as the polish drift queen. Currently her set of wheels is a Pink Nissan S14 with a LS Engine producing 600+ HP.

Ramona-Rusu-Romania-BMW 3rd: Ramona Rusu (Romania)

She started drifting in 2010 with a Mazda MX5 then upgraded to BMW E30 powered with a BMW M5 V8 engine. She has competed in Romanian championship, KOE Pro Series, KOE Street Legal, Queen of Europe. She was the 1st girl to compete in Arabia (Amman - Jordan 2012) and also has competed in Drag Racing, Gymkhana, Time Attack, National Rally.

 Iva-Rusinova-Bulgaria-Impreza 4th: Iva Rusinova (Bulgaria)

Iva Rusinova has been involved in drifting for the past 3 years now, switching between different drifting cars such as Toyota corolla, AE86, RWD converted Audi 90, Nissan 350z and finally the yellow Subaru Impreza.

Noor-Daoud-Israel-E30 5th: Noor Daoud (Palestine)

Coming from Isreal Noor Daoud is the first female Palestinian drift driver.

Arianna-Corallo-Italy-Mx5 6th: Arianna Corallo (Italy)

Born in Italy coming from Pavia, Italy Arianna was already established by the young age of 16. She inherited her passion for cars through her father. The first time to hit the asphalt was in 2011 driving a Mazda MX5. She started practicing in a motor circuit close to home regularly, and like all the beginners drifters she used to practice in a yard were large space allows you to easily make mistakes needed to learn and improve without destroying the car against the wall. After training hard she got a BMW E36 as a surprise gift. Arianna's target is to become a professional drifter in the future coming.

Kristena-Stanevica-Latvia-r33 7th: Kristine Stanevica (Latvia)

Known as the Latvian queen Kristine took part in the 2nd round of the series.She travelled all the way down with her team and her Nissan Skyline R33

Raya-Yordanova-Bulgaria-E30 8th: Raya Yordanova (Bulgaria)

Yordanova comes from Bulgaria were she took part in the first round of the series.She had to battle against Ramona Rusu for a place in the semifinals.Both girls driving V8 powered E30's. Ramona was the lucky one so to say, as Raya has encountered some mechanical issues, so the Romanian driver Rusu was awarded 10 points on both runs.

Andrea-Jager-Hungary-E30 8th: Andrea Jager (Hungary)

All the way from Budapest, Hungary Andi forms part of Mester Drift Team in Solymár and drifts with a BMW E36.

Ana-Fenyi-Hungary-BMW 8th: Anna Fényi (Hungary)

Ana took part in the 2 round of the Queen of Europe series. She is a rally driver but in her spare time takes part in various drifting events. Ana tried her best in going up against the Latvian queen Kristine Stanevica.

We saw lot of progress along season from all girls, and all of them bring very good spirit. The 2014 Calendar will be announced by end of January. Keep tuned on CarsAddiction.com for updates, as well as Queen Of Europe official page."I'm proud of lady, they did amazing job this season. The spirit and mutual help show our love for Drifting, but they don't forget the competition. Spectators around Europe showed their love and respect for the girls, with their big presence and lot of acclamation. Well done Ladies" "The 1st season of The First Ever European Ladies League is over, but Drift season isn't, come to see the girls at King of Europe Drift Series Hungaroring & Slovakiaring" - Franck Blanchard

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