10 Rules for Motorists towards Cyclists

10 Rules for Motorists towards Cyclists


  1. Drive carefully. Respect the needs of others, be they pedestrians or cyclists. Treat cyclists as legitimate road users and do not hassle them.
  2. Anticipate potentially dangerous situations on the road.
  3. Allow enough space for cyclists when overtaking. In many European countries a space of one metre is obligatory.
  4. Take care when emerging from a side road - remember cyclists are less visible than cars.
  5. If there is a cycle lane do not drive close to the white line. Cycle lanes are often not kept clean and cyclists are forced to ride along the outside edge to avoid punctures.
  6. Take great care when taking a left turn in the vicinity of cyclists.
  7. Take care when opening the car door. Look back and make sure a cyclist is not approaching.
  8. Always signal intentions in advance when turning into a side road in case a bicycle is following you.
  9. Cyclists (and other motorists) get easily blinded by car headlights – dip lights when main beam is not necessary.
  10. Do not hoot at cyclists to get out of your way. They are going as fast as they can.

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