BMW E36-02 Chassis Swap

BMW E36-02 Chassis Swap

What if someone grabbed a classic looking car onto a modern chassis? You will get the speed, chassis comfort and easy to find parts of a modern chassis, but with the sexy classic body. Have you ever imagined this? Alen Bozikovic  from Crotia has just made his dream in reality. The project is based on a complete E36 floor which was shortened to accommodate the 2002 frame.

It all started in 2011, and the plan was simple get a 1977 BMW 2002 body onto an E36 chassis. It is still a works in progress but the majority of the work has already been done. He was successful to merge the two halves using tubular reinforcements all around including the roof, front to back frame rails with complete floor off an E36, frame/body of a 2002 and other custom work by hand in sheet metal. 

From experience on a previous project on an E30, Alen plans to go with s52 euro 6speed tranny with the 3.2l engine. 


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