Car spotting in Japan

Car spotting in Japan


We occasionally enjoy walking around a junk yard, guessing the ill fate of some poor cars or treasure hunting for rare parts. We also like Japanese cars and the weird, rare, fast, funky things they come up with. Unfortunately we never been to Japan, and there never anything interesting abandoned cars near us.

Well don't fear because Daniel O'Grady is here to rescue! He's an Australian that lives in Japan and shares the interest of rusted Japanese cars through his YouTube channel Wasabi Cars. If its an a car showroom, junk yard, side of the road, car show, private collection Daniel will spot it and document it for us. And unlike other YouTube channels, Daniel delivers the content in his own unique way making sure he shows the viewers every single detail of the car. And its not only Japanese cars in Japan that are abandoned, you will be surprised how many classic American cars are being their left to rot.

We recommend you subscribe to the Wasabi Cars channel. This is the first video that got us addicted to Wasabi Cars.

As Wasabi Cars goes - It's all about car-spotting!

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