The girl with a JDM addiction

The girl with a JDM addiction

In our previous articles we  mentioned professional drivers and how their career evolved. However the car scene certainly is not only about drivers and racing events. There are other people which although they are enthusiast they contribute by giving exposure to the car world.

taryn-iheartstanceWhile I was browsing I came across this interesting website, which immediately caught my attention. Created by Taryn Croucher, this blog is admirable on how from a car-illiterate as (described by herself) Taryn turned into a passionate automotive enthusiast. Living in New Zealand she covers a lot of automotive events in her blog together with her personal journey from modifying her own rides. Apart from her personal blog she also contributes to the famous Speed hunters website.

Currently obsessed with her current ride, a 1975 Datsun 280Z ... yes this girl is into retro JDM :) Started with rebuilding the L28 , installing a G Nose kit, new wheels, lowering the ride, her Z is coming out really nicely.


But maybe you know Taryn from her previous ride, the Miatasaurus her Mazda Miata (MX5 for the Europeans, Eunos Roadster for the Japanese). But believe it or not she actually started with the car bug with her Toyota Bb (Scion if you're in the US)


We will definitely keep up what Taryn is up to next :)

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