3 Mods to make your Car Standout

3 Mods to make your Car Standout

Many car enthusiasts always want their car to look unique, and this is easily accomplished by planning to purchase your first three modifications. They can be bought at steps, or even at one go if your local shop will give you a discount on a whole package. This guide will also serve you as an indication on prices when buying your project car, sometimes it turns out to be cheaper to buy a stock car and custom the car yourself.


1. Wheels


Stock wheels are always the first thing to go. With so many options, manufactures and colors to go for it will be hard for your next door neighbour to choose the exact same wheels. Some research is required here to get the right dimensions, besides the diameter always check the offset and width of the wheels to avoid any rubbing on your arches. If you think the wheel  could be brought further to the arch, all you would need is spacer to get that great looking flush look. And while you are here, might as well get some lightweight lug nuts.

Tip: The manufacture of your car usually produces a special edition model with larger wheels, which can be easily fitted to your car. But as a normal thumb if your car comes out with 15inch wheels, you can safely upgrade to one size larger - 16inch wheels.

*Prices including tires approximately start from:

  • 15" - €560
  • 16" - €700
  • 17" - €800
  • 18" - €950
Prices go up depending on the brand of wheel and tire, wheel weight and wheel material.


2. Ride Height


This depends what car you have. If its a Honda Civic you would want to go faster around the bends and reduce that wheel arch gap, so your intention here is to go lower. And if you have a Jeep your ambition is to go offroading and fullspeed over speed bumps, so you would need a lift kit to go higher and more heavy duty.

Tip: Go with a reputable company that your friends or internet community recommend.

Prices approximately start from: €680*

*Includes a full coilover kit, you can go with a cheaper route and just buy the springs but we recommend the coilovers for a little bit more. And for heavens sake do not even think about cutting your springs, you will mess up the geometry and strength of the spring and will be driving a death trap.


3. Accessories


There is a lot of options on exterior mods for your car, but the trick is to keep it simple and not to go overboard. We always recommend to start with a front lip that will just bolt on underneath your existing bumper.

You later on can continue with a grill, HID lights, side mirrors, window tints, exhaust tip .... just make a list and stick it on your fridge, maybe someone will spot it and buy you a gift!

Prices approximately start from:

  • Front Lip - €95*
  • Wheel Nuts - €48
  • Window Tint - €70
* Front Lips come in 3 materials: Fibreglass, Urethane (plastic/rubber) and Carbon Fibre. For daily use we recommend the urethane versions, since they are flexible and won't crack like the other materials. Don't forget to calculate the cost on spraying the lip to match your car, but we like the matt black look  of the urethane lips so no spray required.



An almost free modification, and what many overlook are the licence plate size and location. We recommend you get the smallest size available by your local transport authority, this makes the car look wider than it is. Also placing the front licence plate on the side of your bumper with double sided tap. This will give your bumper a cleaner look, and at least one free unobstructed camera angle!

Prices provided by Source-R Autostyling Centre.

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