Not all Abandoned Cars are Cheap Cars

Not all Abandoned Cars are Cheap Cars

Abandoned cars are everywhere, in parking lots, side of streets, fields, at the back of someone’s garage and in the popular barns or sheds. The majority of the cars found in a neglected state are usually ones that have no interest but then there are others which boggle the minds of petrol heads on how and why would someone leave a car in such a state.

Why would someone let a virtually new BMW E30 M3 with 59 miles parked on a damp unclosed area? Who knows the actual truth on why such great cars such as a Ford Cossie, Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 166, Porsche 911 and even a Mercedes Gullwing are left to rot.
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Could be because of mechanical failure, because before the internet age parts for rare cars where hard to source and in result just forgotten because no one would buy a broken down car with parts to be found nowhere.
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Other reasons might have been death of the original owner, problems with inheritance, owner might have been jailed, impounded cars, cars collected as evidence, insurance claimed cars, cars have been collected due to company going bankrupt.

Another upcoming market for exotic and interesting abandoned cars come from the Middle East, Dubai to be exact. Recently we have seen a Ferrari Enzo and Jaguar XJ220, Mercedes AMG CLS63 to name a few, parked and left to gather dust. There is nothing wrong with these cars but because of the recent economic crash the car owners face financial problems forcing them to leave Dubai and abandoning their cars. Others go on vacation, leaving the car in a parking lot without taking the right precautions and on their return are surprise to know that the car has been auctioned off. The numbers of the vehicles taken from the streets of Dubai in 2010 were 1,221, and decreased to 1,132 in 2011. The Dubai Municipality has launch a new sms service notification in 2012, to further reduce the amount of cars that are abandoned.

Useful tip There is a car that that has been abandoned in your neighbourhood that you wish to take ownership and it seems to belong to no one:

  • If there is no road tax then the responsibility falls onto the motor vehicle authority of that country (e.g. DMV, DVLA, TM).
  • If there is no insurance then it is a police matter. Otherwise if it has clearly been abandoned and is an eyesore then a clean neighbourhood and environment act should cover this and gives local authorities power and responsibility to remove.

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