White Lightening 3rd Gen Firebird

White Lightening 3rd Gen Firebird

Here it is folk's the 1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM. Originally built by Trevor Zammit and now in the capable ownership of Daniel Attard.

This car has had some major upgrades done, we will start with the engine. 350cuin (5.7 litre) Small Block, converted to 4 bolt main with milodon main caps, forged pistons and eagle connecting rods. 510 cam with scorpion 1.6 rockers. Weiand intake + Holley 750 double pumper. MSD distributor with ignition module, Dart Pro 1 heads & Hooker headers and if thats not enough it also has a 250 bhp Nitrous express cheater kit. The rest of the running gear needed some upgrading to handle the extra power & now has a T56 6 speed, lightweight flywheel with Stage 2 clutch & pressure plate & a 3.73:1 differential with Detroit locker rear end.

All this extra GO is put to the ground (barely) by the Pro Star 3 x 15 front & 10 x 15 inch rear wheels fitted with BF Goodrich tyres. The suspension has had a full polyurethane bush upgrade, been lowered 2 inches & bilstein shocks fitted all round. To help keep the body straight it also has a custom made front chassis bar & spohn chassis sub frame connectors.

The exterior has been fitted with a standard 1986 aero kit with custom cowl hood and firebird hood bird & the interior now has 2002 firebird seats.

Definitely NOT a car to pick a street fight with, on the straight or the bendy bits.







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