BMW E36 Commercial Van

BMW E36 Commercial Van

BMW has created its first SUV in 1999 with the X5, its first hatchback in 2004 with the E87 so if you are with me I think it is about time that BMW gets into the commercial van of niche, and this is proof of its popularity and that it is doable. Imagine a rwd Ford Escort Mk4 van.

You might have seen the photo of a BMW E36 around social media during the years. And your first thought might have been how cool if BMW had commissioned something similar. We tracked down the creator of this unique BMW build to James Duncan from the United Kingdom.

James Duncan: "It was as simple as I wanted a van and love E36s I had the touring parked up on my mates drive that I had stripped for bits and I have never seen one."

Having owned over 14 BMW E36s and access to all the tools needed to fabricate such a build, James souped up his version of a BMW commercial van with using a BMW E36 Touring as the base.

BMW, this can be your next market entry!

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