Countries that Export the Best Cars

Countries that Export the Best Cars

When it comes to manufacturing sports and luxury cars some countries are better than others. Malaysia is trying hard with their Proton sports car but let’s face it they will never meet the standard of the best car manufacturers in the world. There is nothing like sitting in a sports car that was designed to be the best in the world. Enzo Ferrari once said “I want to build a car faster than all of them, then I want to die” That is the type of dedication that you need to build the best cars in the world. When you take a look around it becomes clear that some seem to be born with a gift of engineering and a desire to want to be the fastest. Let’s take a look at the top sports car and luxury car manufacturers by country.

#1 Germany

OK, this is debatable and some may argue but you really can’t deny that the Germans are pure geniuses when it comes to engineering the best cars that are designed for the consumer to drive on a daily basis. Germany has a high number of cars that are imported into the USA. The cars win awards year after year and the drivers will tell you that they are driving in the best of the best.




BMW has always been known for style, comfort and oh yeah going ridiculously fast. The roadster will go down in history but perhaps the most memorable is the M1. BMW only made 500 of these cars making them very sought after today. There are too many great BMW sports cars to list in this article which is one of the reasons Germany made the number one spot.


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes AMG GT

Once again the Germans set an example of world class engineering with Mercedes Benz. Not only are these cars incredibly fast but they are exquisitely stylish. Perhaps the best Mercedes would be the SLS AMG which does zero to sixty in just 3.3 seconds, that’s what a 622 horsepower engine will do.



One of Germany’s “Big 3” Volkswagen offers affordable cars with great engineering. Did you know that Volkswagen also sells cars under the Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche brands? Can you say “Das Auto”?



Porsche 918

Of course, Porsche comes from Germany. The 911 will always go down in history but the fastest Porsche ever made is the 918 which will do zero to sixty in 2.6 seconds. A Porsche that will compete against Ferrari and McLaren is very impressive.



Audi R8

The Audi R8 V10 Plus thumps out 610 horsepower and will do zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds. Need we say more? Audi makes a huge line up of sports cars and they are all designed with great engineering.

Even lesser known German Companies such as Lotec are great competitors when it comes to being number one in racing.


#2 Italy


Ferrari 250 GTO

It will come as no surprise that Ferrari is the top Italian car manufacturer bringing Italy in at number two. Ferrari is arguably the biggest brand of them all. The 250 GTO sells for around 35 million and prices only seem to be rising. The limited amount of Ferraris sold each year is part of what makes Ferrari so unique and valuable. Did you know that Ferrari even has a theme park in Abu Dhabi and is looking at other parts of the world to expand more parks? Alfa Romeo Enzo Ferrari helped form the Alfa Romeo racing team before going off on his own. Alfa Romeo won races back when Enzo was on the team and they continued to throughout history. Alfa Romeo offers great sports cars for those looking for something different.



Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to start producing cars when he was frustrated with the clutch in his Ferrari. Yes, the Italians sure do know how to compete. This is why they are number 2 and arguably number one. Lamborghini tractors were well built but slow, today the fastest Lamborghini will do an excess of 220 mph.



Maserati Granturismo

Yes, most of the super cars come from the Italians. It is their desire to want to be the fastest on the planet. Maserati offers some of the classiest cars on the road. The Maserati GranTurismo MC puts out 460 horsepower.



You may have never heard of Lancia but they are extremely competitive and will go down in history for their innovation.


#3 Great Britain

The cars that come from Great Britain are among the classiest in the world. The Brits know how to ride around in style and comfort.


Rolls Royce Bentley

Nothing projects luxury quite like a Bentley, well maybe a Rolls-Royce which is also from Great Britain. The two really set the standard for luxury and the only vehicles fit for royalty. It is worth noting that Volkswagen now owns Bentley and BMW owns Rolls-Royce.


Aston Martin

Aston Martin has been producing luxury sports cars since 1913. Known for the incredible style they are also very fast. The Aston Martin One-777 will go 220 mph and get to sixty mph in just 3.4 seconds. James Bond often chose an Aston Martin so you know these cars have style.



Jaguar XJ220

Another choice of James Bond for its style. Jaguar revealed the F—type SVR Coupe that will do zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 200 mph. Jaguar did make one other faster car, the XJ220 but under 300 of them were made.



The McLaren F1 remains one of the fastest cars ever built. All though it does not hold the world record it will do 240 miles per hour, umm not bad.



Lotus is worth a mention for great British sports cars and even Mini which will do zero to sixty in 6 seconds.


#4 USA

Who really gives an award for being number four? Of course, we have to mention the USA not to piss the yankees off. But seriously, Chevy and Ford are huge players in this game and everyone owes them a ton of respect. Tesla is also re-thinking engineering for the future of mankind. It is definitely debatable on whether the number four spot should have gone to Japan however but that’s another article. This article has been brought to you by A1 Auto Transport, feel free to contact them for a friendly quote.

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