How to make money using your Classic Car

How to make money using your Classic Car

What if we told you that there is an online service that offers a great opportunity for vintage car owners to get paid for doing what they love, and that is driving their very own classic car.  This online service purely exists to raise awareness of classic vehicles with soul, class and charisma and to share our modern roads with enthusiasm and passion for gorgeous and elegant classic cars.

Claus Stig Christensen, CEO of BookAclassic offers this service and about 6 years ago created a portal that will help any classic car owner register their car free of charge in order to help to get more exposure of their vehicle. Car owners can choose whether to be a chauffeur or rent their vehicle out for others to drive. Car owners can choose which bookings to accept and there are no binding contracts or annual fees for listing their vehicle on the site. It is a win-win for those lucky enough to own a classic car! the only charge that occurs is after you have complete a gig, were BookAclassic would take a predefined amount of the total agreed upon.

BookAclassic has successfully established partnerships across the world with classic car owners, car museums, limousine rental companies, and other related businesses.  This includes the film industry, photoshoots, weddings and other events. Recent gigs included renting cars for the famous spy movie "The Kingsman".

Visit for further details on how to register your car.

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