Abandoned Subaru Ghost Car Showroom

Abandoned Subaru Ghost Car Showroom

Sometimes you cannot find logic on why would a business abandon a lot of brand new unsold cars on their showroom floor. It does not make financial sense to close the doors to the car dealership until every last vehicle has been sold. As you can tell by the title this isn't always the case and for various reasons some car dealerships close down with brand new cars still siting in the showrooms and some of those will eventually become rare classic cars with close to zero miles.

Located on a small island in Europe, this was the main and only Subaru dealership in Malta until the late 90s when a new upcoming competitor began to import Subaru vehicles.  As you can tell by the photos it still holds the 70s showroom vibe and this dealership had old school tactics and was very outdated for its time. The new competition was selling the same cars, in a state of art showroom with improved customer service. This eventually attracted new car buyers to the new Subaru Dealership, letting the stock of this showroom to become stale.

Photos taken November 2015

By the looks of it, this time capsule contains a Subaru Sambar, several GC Imprezas, a Justy and an interesting all-wheel drive XT all in RHD. Who know's what this dealership may hold in storage, possibly an early zero mile Subaru Impreza WRX?

Subaru XT with delivery miles

If you look closely you can spot a 30+ year old 2-door coupe  Subaru XT (Alcyone /Vortex) can be spotted which is virtually brand new still with its delivery tag still on the window. By the looks of it its a right hand drive (RHD) 1987 Subaru XT Turbo 4wd model, with the 1.8-litre flat four EA82T engine. In its day this was a dream car for many with its futuristic wedge shape styling, digital gadgetry, a cool feature with the entire cluster moving with the steering wheel and the awesome active air suspension that will lower the car when cruising highways.

Could this be the lowest miles in Subaru XT in existence? How much could it be worth? Comment below.

Where is it?

This Subaru showroom is located in Mosta, Malta. Malta used to a British colony hence why the cars over here are all RHD. We had a lot of questions about this place, so here is a link directly to Google street view.

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