The Porsche Diesel is dead

The Porsche Diesel is dead

Porsche has ceased producing  diesel powered vehicles in all global markets. This includes the Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne and now the Porsche Macan S Diesel, the last diesel-powered Porsche to disappear from showrooms.

The Porsche Cayenne was part of the recall to follow the Volkswagen scandal in 2015, since Porsche is one of eight automotive brands owned by the Volkswagen Group. Since then Porsche has not offered a diesel-powered model in the United States.

Porsche did continue to sell diesels elsewhere, but due to the declining sales overseas for the new Macan S Diesel, Porsche is now focusing its resources to gasoline and gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains, where demand continues to increase. Additionally, the forthcoming Mission E electric car promises to combine more than 300 miles of driving range with Porsche’s legendary performance and engineering.

Current owners of a Porsche diesel will be still supported by Porsche, further official details can be found here.

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