Garage Find: Victor's Classic Car Gems

Garage Find: Victor's Classic Car Gems

Parked on the side of the road as I wait for a friend, a guy in his late 60s approaches me and starts a chat about my car. Back then I was using my red 280zx as my daily car with a for sale sign on it, regretfully needing to make room in the garage and free up some funds. Obviously he asks how much I was selling it for and has a look around it, we then talk for a while about cars and he then ends the conversation by "give me a call I have something interesting to show you".

I have a busy schedule and I try to avoid driving the 280zx in the hot weather and heavy traffic but I reluctantly agree to meet him at his garage. Maybe I will sell my car, maybe he has another old interesting Japanese car to show me, who knows and the curiosity got to me.

I meet him in a busy town near the main street, lots of shops and apartments around, nothing out of the ordinary, just Victor and a beige garage door. He opens the garage door and what a suprise! I walk into a garage full of sleeping cars, all I see is a collection of cars hidden underneath layers of wraps. Moments of silence later, he starts revealing one by one and talks passionately about each car. Describing each little quirk they have and how he restored him by his own bare hands. All cars are functional, all are registered to on the road and Victor uses each one on a Sunday ... by rotation of course.

That was 4 years ago, since then I gave Victor a call to see how he and his garage full of cars are doing. Have you any new additions? He replies that he is getting old and in fact wants to reduce the number of cars in his collection to a more maintainable amount. Which is why I will share the list of cars and specifications below, including prices to which Victor would like to sell the cars for. If interested please contact us and we'll get you in touch with Victor.

 Year Manufacture Model Fuel Type Engine Size Transmission Steering Body style Years owned Mileage Color Condition Price
 1960  Ford  Taunus  Petrol  1725  Manual  RHD  Sedan  17+  73000  Blue 4.5 €18000
1981 Merrcedes-Benz 380SE (W123)  Petrol 3800  Automatic  RHD  Sedan 15+ - Thistle Green  4.5 €19000
1966 Humber Sceptre II  Petrol 1700 Manual  RHD  Sedan 10+ - Blue 4.5 €17500
1967 Opel Rekord C  Petrol 2000 Manual  LHD  Coupe 10+ 43800 Light Blue 4.5 €24000
1984 BMW 520i (E28)  Petrol 2000 Automatic  RHD  Sedan 10+ 85800 Black 4.5 €13000
1963 Simca Aronde P60 Elysee  Petrol 1400 Manual  RHD  Sedan  10+ 38700 Blue 4.5 €17000
1977 Ford Cortina Mk4  Petrol 1600 Manual  RHD  Sedan  4+  55000 Gold 3 €6500

All cars are located in Malta, shipping to anywhere mainland Europe will not be a problem and suggestions will be given to potential buyers. I agree some prices of the cars are on the high side, but they are all maintained to a high standard and are only for people who want to buy back a nostalgic memory. Victor doesn't want to sell them for a profit, he just wants to get back what he spent on the cars.

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