Calling all Porsche 997 GTS Owners

Calling all Porsche 997 GTS Owners

The Porsche 997 GTS, first  911 to introduce the GTS badge, and the only true natural aspirated Porsche 997 that could be street driven daily in comfort.  In addition, the 997 GTS is the last of the hydraulic steering and has a smaller body shell when compared to the modern 991s, this creates a is a particular sweet spot as the 997 still has the raw drive feel compared to the ever-evolving high tech modern 911s.  It is also arguably the best natural aspirated 997 that can be daily driven when compared to the more tracked focused and raw GT3.

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These are all points that got you in 997 GTS ownership and if you are a seller all points you should put on your classifieds. These points, together with the limited quantity of 3977 coupes and 2970 cabriolets that were built, make the GTS a very desirable 997 model to own.

The Carrera and Carrera S already make decent power and the 997.2 engines are known to be reliable without any major risks, and bonus to the GTS list of options there is a bump of power to  408bhp which is more than enough for the regular street driver and occasional track event. PDK is constantly reported to be a pleasure to drive with and a vast improvement over the Tiptronic which must make manuals super rare.

The default metallic palette offered with the GTS was Basalt Black, Macadamia, Platinum Silver, Meteor Grey, Dark blue, and Aqua Blue. Less common solid colors were also available in Guards Red, Carrera White, solid black, and Speed Yellow. Then there were the special colors GT Silver and Amethyst metallic which must have come at a pretty heft cost to equip.

All these factors contribute to a modern classic status, prices will plateau at some point in time but eventually will hold their value. Even more, if you hold a GTS with a rare color combination.

Since Porsche has never released information on specific production totals for the 997 GTS, I would like to create a database and make it publicly available once completed. Therefore if you own or hold any 997 GTS please get in contact with and fill out the details listed in the form.

With the above info, I hope that in the future I can compile how rare a specific GTS is, which additionally will add value to your cars. So please share this article with any 997 GTS owners in order to compile this information. In the meantime here is what I hope is a rare combo, a manual SpeedYellow with PCCP and slick roof.

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