1989 Toyota Hilux Pickup Overview

1989 Toyota Hilux Pickup Overview

This guide covers the Toyota Hilux / Pickup that officially started in production in the year 1989 (actually released in late 1988). Note the name "Hilux" was not available for the North American market, thus the truck was branded as the "Toyota Pickup" in that region.

Same truck, different naming convention:

  • North America: 1989 – 1995 Toyota Pickup 5th Generation
  • Rest of World: 1989 – 1997 Toyota Hilux 3rd Generation
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1989 Toyota Hilux North American Brochure 1990 Toyota Hilux North American Brochure 1989 Toyota Hilux French Brochure 1993 Toyota Hilux UK Brochure

Frame Codes

Code Engine Cabin Layour
LN100 2.8l Diesel (3L) Single Cab
LN105 2.4l Diesel (2L) Single / Double Cab
LN106 2.4L Petrol (22R) Single / Double Cab
LN107 2.8L Petrol (3L) Double Cab
LN108/LN112 2.4L Diesel Turbo (2LTE) Double Cab
LN110 2.4l Diesel (2L) Extra Cab
LN111 2.8l Diesel (3L) Extra Cab
RN106 2.4L Petrol (22R-E) -
VN105 2.0l Petrol (3Y) Double Cab
YN100 2.0l Petrol (3Y) Single Cab
YN106 2.2l Petrol (4Y) -

Cabin Layouts

Single Cab Xtra Cab Twin Cab

Various OEM Side Strip Designs

Below is just a portion of what was available by Toyota, however, these examples should give you an idea of what is OEM. For a full list of colours with part numbers please check out this PDF.

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