Beyond the License Plate: Unearthing Privacy Questions within Transport Malta

Beyond the License Plate: Unearthing Privacy Questions within Transport Malta

In today's interconnected world, technology continues to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, including the way we own and interact with automobiles. At, we are dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and car ownership to enhance the experience for vehicle owners. While exitsing online services such as CarVertical allows anyone to access a vehicle's history based on its license plate has become common in countries like the UK and USA, in Malta this does not exist, or does it?

Uncovering the Breach

There seems to be a concerning breach of privacy within the Transport Malta database, previously thought to be secure and solely for official use. In a surprising turn of events, it has come to light that Auto Records Ltd, an Irish Company, offers a service on its website that allows users to obtain vehicle history information by entering a 6-character license plate number. This revelation challenges the assumption that such data was exclusively available within Transport Malta and not intended for public use. To add to the intrigue, another company Infinite Loop Development ltd with domain, asserts that it can provide license plate information for a fee of 20 cents per plate. It's worth noting that these services apparently disclose only vehicle details and not information about the owner, although it's a reminder that the line between public and private data can sometimes blur.

When questioning Transport Malta and other governing bodies, no one had an idea that this service was available and denied they had such connection available to the public.



The Scope of the Concern

While the disclosed information might seem limited to vehicle details, and thus not harmful - one can't help but wonder what other insights these entities might have gained. Though the provided data does not extend to owner information, the possibility of extrapolating trends or patterns from a vast number of license plate queries raises concerns about privacy breaches and potential misuse.

We praise the online services that are able to provide you information about a specific car, but if this information is not retrieved legally, it questions what else they can get access to. For example in the UK you can pre-check if a vehicle was in a crash or theft prior purchase which can save you money.

Parallel Challenges: Counterfeit Vehicle Tags

The breach in the Transport Malta database isn't the only unsettling occurrence in the realm of vehicle regulation. An issue concerning counterfeit Light Passenger Vehicle Tags has also emerged. The fact that counterfeit tags were being created suggests that an individual or group had manual access to the database, enabling the manipulation of tag details. This situation implies that unauthorized individuals could create seemingly legitimate tags, casting a shadow over the credibility of routine police checks. More on this on the Times of Malta website.


Conclusion: The Road Ahead

In an era where data privacy is Paramount, the unauthorized access to the Transport Malta database serves as a reminder of the challenges that come with digitization and the potential for misuse of personal information. While license plate data might appear harmless, the breach opens a Pandora's box of concerns about data security, the potential for misuse, and the vulnerability of confidential information.

As responsible car enthusiasts, it is crucial for us to advocate for robust security measures and stringent checks to safeguard our personal and vehicle data. While technology enhances our daily routine, it's imperative that we tread carefully and ensure that the benefits of innovation are not overshadowed by its potential pitfalls. As we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of automotive technology, vigilance and proactive measures will be key to maintaining the integrity of our personal information and the trust we place in digital services.

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