1970 Datsun Cherry (E10/F10)

Car Specs

1970 Datsun Cherry (E10/F10)




Quick Facts

Build Start: 1970

Last on sale: 1978

Body Style:

Drive System:

Nissan was one of the first entrants into what would subsequently be know as the supermini sector with the Cherry. The E10 models featured all-independent suspension, front wheel drive, BMC inspired A-Series engine and appealing trans-Atlantic styling. When they first arrived in Europe in 1973, it didn’t take buyers long to cotton on to how good these reliable little cars were. The Cherry matured into the second series a couple of years later, was known as the F11 in the UK, and became a top-ten seller. Rare and sought after now, few have survived the ravages of rust.

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  • 1970
  • 1978
  • Cherry
  • 645kg
  • 2337mm
  • 1492mm
  • 1378mm
  • 3658mm
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Body Details
  • 12
  • 59bhp
  • 1
  • 16.8s
  • 138km/h
  • 60lb/ft
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