2000 Mazda RX-7 Version 5 Type RZ

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2000 Mazda RX-7 Version 5 Type RZ




Quick Facts

Chassis Code: FD3S

Price (when new): 34500

Production Total: 175

Build Start: 2000

Last on sale: 2000

Body Style:

Drive System:

Available in other variants
The 2000 year model Fd type RZ was the true 10th anniversary version of the FD. A celebration of the model with loads of extras that really had everyone wanting on of the 175 produced. 

Hard core enthusiasts place the real number at 325 as a result of demand.

Names, Names, Names! Bilstein, BBS, Nardi and Recaro are all names that mean style and elegance that are associated with the pinacle of motor vehicle tuning. They had appeared on the Fd before, however not with this flamboyance.

The first thing you notice is the very rare pearl white paint that only adorned half of the Rz Models. A little look near the door shows the RZ logo and it leads you inside. The other colour is Brilliant Black, but rarely seen in advertising.

Bright Red Recaro carbon kevlar bucket seats similar to older RZ models strike your attention. They make a bold statement.

Red stiched leather on the gearknob and handbrake give a tactile experience. This also matches the other contact point. The Nardi steering wheel.

White face dials also differ from your regular Fd. A grey finish to the dash adds real appeal also. These would appear in the next model.

The passenger gets a footrest to push more firmly in the seat and the driver gets small bolsters on the drivers door and center console.

These items really aid the driver to get positive input to the all alloy pedals.

One of the few japanese models to be considered as 2 seat only cars, storage bins are fitted as standard. This is a true sports car.

Cosmetics aside, the car has a complete overhaul. Bilstein C-Clip Suspension returns and exhaust are all typical RZ items. The bilsteins bite hard and work well with the Potenza S-07 tyres and the extra power on tap really hits hard. For a showroom special, the Rz has the few extra touches that will have you taking a second look.

The 17 inch Gun metallic BBS alloys really grab your attention

Retailing at 3,998,000 really places it as an expensive car in Japan, but tuning a regular one to the same level would cost a lot more indeed. Typical RS models are the same price and often had more options. 

Although the spec sheet says 280ps, on the dyno most Rz's reveal somewhere more like the equivilant of 320ps.


Type RZ GF-FD3S 1308cc 3 5MT FR 2Seat 7.5km/l   3,998,000Yen 
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  • RX-7
  • 2000
  • 2000
  • RX-7 3rd Generation (FD)
  • FD3S
Body Details
  • 12
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  • €34500
  • 175
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