1995 Mazda RX-7 Version 3 Type R Bathurst

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1995 Mazda RX-7 Version 3 Type R Bathurst




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Chassis Code: FD3S

Build Start: 1995

Last on sale: 1995

Body Style:

Drive System:

Available in other variants
Hooray! Another model change in the evolution of the FD. 

What's new? NOTHING! However, a new base model named the R-S and the inclusion of the R Bathurst and RZ as regular models should be cause for celebration. A special you dont have to wait for. What about resale of older special versions? Hmm. The price had also dropped considerably, especially on the Touring X model which was now the only home for the AT.

The Rz had the 17 Inch wheels which were now everywhere, but it inherited bigger brake rotors for extra stopping which was probably the biggest change mechanically as the engine was still relatively unchanged running the same 8-bit computer in the version III .

Externally a new rear spoiler design was introduced for the bathurst RS and RZ models that breathed life into the 4 year old design. The plank on legs wing that actually worked, opened up the rear end and looked a lot better than the original ineffective rear wing. Inside a Momo wheel was now standard and gave a little life inside the FD.

More bang for your buck. These are the regular FDs that are abundant the used market. They come with good reputation as most niggles had been removed by this point and should be enjoyed.


Type R Bathurst E-FD3S 1308cc 3 5MT FR 4Seat 7.3km/l 3,285,000Yen
Touring X E-FD3S 1308cc 3 5AT FR 4Seat 7.0km/l 3,285,000Yen 
Type R-S E-FD3S 1308cc 3 5MT FR 4seat 7.3km/l 3,890,000Yen 
Type RZ E-FD3S 1308cc 3 5MT FR 2seat 7.0km/l 3,960,000yen 
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  • RX-7
  • 1995
  • 1995
  • RX-7 3rd Generation (FD)
  • FD3S
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