1996 Mazda RX-7 Version 4 Type RB

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1996 Mazda RX-7 Version 4 Type RB




Quick Facts

Chassis Code: E-FD3S

Price (when new): 27600

Build Start: 1996

Last on sale: 1998

Body Style:

Drive System:

Available in other variants
This is the interim model change that saw a lot of changes mechanically and the completion of the exterior update that started with the flat rear wing ten months before.

So lets start with the engine. Take a look under the bonnet and you will immediately notice the change. The black plastic intercooler pipe, which was prone to splitting at the mounting position, was replaced with an aluminium item. Manual transmission cars received 10hp more from the addition of a 16 Bit engine management computer that is said to be a lot better through increasing the charging pressure of the sequential twin turbo system.

Output was now 265ps/6500rpm. Because of this, power weight ratio of type RZ was 4.72kg per horsepower. With the improvement in engine power and torque for spec RS, the larger brakes from the RZ were now used along with the 4.3 diff with the plugged Torsen LSD to better match the engine and give better accelleration.

New better designed and lighter weight 17" rims were now standard across the range which had now changed in name with the good bits in the RS. The lowly spec of the Bathurst named cars were now more complete and the RB (Basic) cars were introduced less rear wing and other nice items. The touring X remained as the AT home although they could be optioned up to be a good performer.

The most substantial external change could be seen from behind where the old school 3 round light design had returned just like in the FC version upgrade. If you see a new set, pop them out and swap them over. Shhhh.

Safety was also on the agenda with Airbag options finding their way onto the dealer spec sheets. Interior changes were limited to in dash illumination colour change to green from the old orange designs. Momo steering wheel options.

These Version VI cars are the best of the initial FD design. If you get one of these. The RZ was a permanant edition to the lineup so Recaro's were available.
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  • 1996
  • RX-7 3rd Generation (FD)
  • 1998
  • E-FD3S
Body Details
  • 12
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  • 2
  • €27600
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