PORSCHE Style 11 Wheels

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PORSCHE Style 11 Wheels


The Style 11 wheel is part of Porsche's lineup of OEM wheels. The Porsche Style 11 is available in diameters of 16" inches, with a bolt pattern of 5x130. Originally made to compliment the lines of the Porsche 964, 944, 964,944, 928,944, 928, 944 and928, but might fit other cars given the specifications match below with the replacement wheel. The style given to this wheel is best described as 7 Spoke.

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 Diameter Part NumberYearFinishCenter BoreMaterialPCDCarModelCarCodePlacementHollander
16"16x6J ET52.3964362112011989-1994Silver, Chrome71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130911 964Front or Rear67183
16"16x7J ET65951362115301988-1989Silver, Chrome71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130 944944Front or Rear67180
16"16x7J ET55964362114011989-1994Chrome71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130911,944 964, 944Front or Rear67184
16"16x7.5J ET6592836215405, 928362114051990-1991Chrome, Silver71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130 928, 944928,944Front or Rear67189, 67194
16"16x8J ET6092836211730, 928362117311988-1989Platinum Silver, Silver71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130 928928Front67178
16"16x8J ET52.3964362116011989-1994Silver, Chrome71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130911 964Front or Rear67185
16"16x9J ET6092836211930, 928362119311988-1989Platinum Silver, Silver, Platinum Silver, Silver71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130944,928,928 944, 928Rear67179
16"16x9J ET52.392836215802, 928362118021990-1991Platinum Silver, Silver71.6Aluminum Alloy5x130 928, 944928,944Front or Rear67191, 67195
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