OEM Wheels for porsche

PORSCHE 944 (944) Wheel Guide

PORSCHE 944 Wheel specs, tires, pcd and offset

PORSCHE wheel designs come in a variaty of specs and styles, the majority sharing the same PCD pattern with a few exceptions. Browse the catalogue to find out further specifications of each wheel.



Porsche Style 4 Wheels
Style 4 F,G,944,964
Porsche Style 5 Wheels
Style 5 F,G,944
Porsche Style 6 Wheels
Style 6 944,928,F,G
Porsche Style 7 Wheels
Style 7 F,G,964,928,944
Porsche Style 10 Wheels
Style 10 944,964,928
Porsche Style 11 Wheels
Style 11 928,944,964
Porsche Style 12 Wheels
Style 12 928,944