Model Exhibition in Malta

Model Exhibition in Malta

When it comes to small scale models in Malta, there is no other club as the AME. The Association of Model Engineers was set up in 1983 and is a non-profit making association consisting of people of all ages who have a special interest in model engineering and scale modeling and helps its members to improve standards in the achievement of excellence in their field.

The AME holds meetings every other Thursday in Valletta. These activities include modeling competitions, slide and film shows, lectures on modeling techniques and even lectures by special guest speakers locally and foreign. Besides these activities, the AME host a yearly exhibition for the public to view the craftsmanship and collection of the hard work and masterpieces made by the members.

The 2012 Exhibition is open from 28th April to 6th May. Please click on the banner for opening hours. From cars, to planes, trains, ships ... made out of wood, plastic, metal .... there is everything for anyone who is into any type of transportation vehicles.


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