One of the Largest Car Meets in Dubai

One of the Largest Car Meets in Dubai

Dubai, the land were every car enthusiasts would want to live with its rich car culture, ranging from custom one offs to the ultra rare exotics. So you might wonder what a car show would look like in Dubai, especially one held in 2021 during COVID lockdowns.

This is The Grand Picnic, which is organised by a man who goes by the name of Flat 12 (@flat.12 on Instagram). He really has changed the entire car scene and culture of the UAE in a matter of a few years. Before he started doing these meets and events, the UAE car scene was heavily divided, JDM meets would be separate, supercar meets would be separate etc. He then started to host these events where all types of cars were encouraged to come, so, you started seeing a huge variety of cars in one meet.

This event blew everyone away, and was probably one of the biggest public car meet that has happened in Dubai in the past maybe 10 years with at least 100 different cars, ranging from off-roaders to JDM, classics and supercars.

The event, of course was socially distanced as expected :)

This event specifically was a huge hit, especially because there were not any car events or meets happening within the past year, because of COVID. So people were really waiting for something big to happen, and, that's when Mr. Flat 12 decided to contact the local authorities to get permission to host an event in one Dubai's community parks.

He was given permission, and, that's when we all got the news that there would be an event happening on Saturday the 23rd of January, 2021.

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