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While the rest of the world are tucking their cars in for winter hibernation, over in Australia it is a completely different story. The car scene in Brisbane, Australia is well active with the summer weather and what cool rides they have to show off at  Cars & Coffee Brisbane. This casual event started about 3 yrs ago by 20 or so Porsche owners & has grown to some 250 cars of every vintage & marque, together with accompanying friends & family members enjoying the great atmosphere & some amazing autos.

As you can see from the photos taken during the meet held on the 4th November. There are some top quality motors of any genre, from low hotrods, high performance classics to luxury Bentleys. So if you are itching for some sun and nice metal to look at Cars & Coffee Brisbane meet every 1st Saturday of the month. Get your latest updates on their Facebook page.

Photo credits: David Palmer

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