Car Scene in Malta

Car Scene in Malta

The 31st of March is a public holiday in Malta, and the weather this time of the year is always sunny. So the best thing to do after a wet winter is to get out all those cars hiding away in garages all around Malta. This is a yearly event and always held at the Hal Far drag strip organized by the MDRA in the aid of charity. A mix of classic and modern cars can be found together with different styles to look out for. Ford Escort Mk1 to the latest Ford Mustang, a Honda NSX and Nissan GTR, a couple of Civics and MX5s, a wide range of Alfa Romeos and the variety goes on and on.

Check out the video for this year's turn out on our YouTube channel.

Not enough? We have photos from the same event a couple of years back, click here to view the 2013 and 2014 events.

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