Paqpaqli ghall-Istrina 2010

Paqpaqli ghall-Istrina 2010

We just came across these photos taken back in 2010 of one of the major car events in Malta, PaqPaqli Ghall-Istrina.

The highlight of 2010's show was the display of the rare Lamborghini Reventon, together with other Lamborghini's such as the Murcielago, Gallardo, Diablo and Espada. As if this was not enough, we also saw the presence for the first time in Malta of the Mercedes SLS AMG, the modern day Gullwing together with the 2007/2008 version of the McLaren F1 car. Other highlights of the event was performance by the street bike stunt riding world champion Chris Pfeiffer and drifting cars by the locals.

Don't forget this years PaqPaq show is on the 9th December,2012. In the meantime enjoy the photos from 2010 below!


Note: 2011 Photos can be found here:


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