Racing Circuit in Malta

Racing Circuit in Malta

Malta covers over 316 square km making it one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries,  but not so small when it comes to motorsport enthusiasm. Just in 2012 the Maltese have taken part and conquered in the offroad Croatia Trophy  4x4European Time Attack ChallengeValle dei Templi circuit championshipFIA drag racing championship and many other motorsport events. However this list continues with other international events happening in Malta such as the Drift Allstars European Finals, the Mdina Grand Prix and other various local events of hill climbs, drag racing, drifting and car shows.

Its a shame there is no such real local investment in motorsport from the government. It cannot be neglected that the Maltese are achieving good results in various foreign motorsport competitions as mentioned above. Instead the government is irritating the motorists with installation of speed cameras were according to a recent article, an exercise that was done in the UK found no difference on road safety with or without the cameras. Another point is the unnecessary expensive yearly road tax for cars with high emissions, and moreover why when comparing two exact same cars, the government will charge less import tax for the one with higher mileage if it gives importance to emissions?

As I mentioned previously the track idea apart  from satisfying every motor enthusiast from road rage and speeding in the streets, it can also improve the local financial economy by attracting more tourists to our island in seasons other than summer and also increase local jobs.

Although there will be the need of  government aid as regards to permits and location, I would like to see this project run by a private entity to make the utmost of this project, investing on site facilities such as a restaurant, hotel, pit garage, fuel station, parking area, audience ticketing system, reception, shops, business meeting rooms and obviously the tarmac circuit itself which can host track days, experience and learning tuition, racing events, car shows and cooperate driving.

However to be fair the real barrier for a project like this will have an environmental impact. Saying this I located six potential areas which can be reclaimed from various abandoned projects and photoshopped them into place to give you readers an idea as can be seen below. Note that the sketches below are only to be used to give an idea, and have no real planning behind them.


Location Inspiration Remarks
Hal Far Street track This is not a permanent track, but its located in an industrial estate were a track layout could be easily done and held without having major traffic repercussions on event day.
Coast Road Circuit Britain by Alex Odell Previously known as the 'Maghtab' (garbage dump) of Malta this huge area of land can be reclaimed with a nice track and facilities with greenery and trees with a lovely back drop of typical Mediterranean island.
Burmarrad Honda proving grounds, Tskuba replica Located between Hard Rocks industrial estate and the Naxxar quarry this area will dot disturb any nearby residents.
Pembroke Dean Willis private country lane track Currently an abandoned holiday center, and recently considered to be turned into another sports complex.
Ta Qali High Speed Ring from Gran Turismo Ta Qali knows as the sports area of the island and on the outskirts of any village could easily hold a track were the old runway is located.
Attard Harris Hill Raceway, Texas, USA Not necessary this quarry but there are a lot of extinct quarries (or soon to be) that could be turned into short but fun tracks.


coast-road-circuit Pembroke Race Track Ta Qali Race Track Naxxar Race Track Hal Far Race Track Attard Race Track


For some people a car is not a tool, its a passion!

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