Women in Motorsport: Marisa Grixti

Women in Motorsport: Marisa Grixti


During the King of  Kings Drift Europe event I had the chance to meet the first Maltese female drifter Marisa Grixti. During our chat I realized that this young lady has so much to offer and she can be an inspiration for all the female gender out there that they are still undecided whether or not to get involved in motorsport.

It all started recently about 4 years ago at the age of 21 by participating in the Drag Racing competitions with her first car, a Honda Delsol. With her passion and determination Marisa started upgrading and rebuilding the engine from a 1500cc Vtec to a modified 1800cc turbo Vtec.

In 2012 Malta was hosting the Drift Allstars European finals event and from there Marisa realized that drifting was the sport she was craving for.

Just by being a spectator I suddenly fell in love with drifting. It gave such an adrenaline rush. - Marisa Grixti
Being very ambitious to try drifting Marisa imported a Nissan Silvia S14 from UK, and also took a beginners course with Drift Allstars School. Due to unlucky circumstances Marisa suffered from engine problems to a broken ankle in 2013. However she managed to take part in the 2014 Maltese Drifting Championship.

Her enthusiasm didn't stop participating in Maltese championship. Although not so skilful as other drivers but very motivated Marisa joined the Sicilian Rude Drift Battle. Thanks to Alessio Cascone who as she describes as her inspiration during her career, Marisa managed to achieve good results. Last year she even took part in a local film production by Mark Doneo were her Nissan was the main character's car and she also did some drifting bits.

Now let's see what 2015 has in-store for her cause she's a promising Maltese talent. We hope that this article can inspire more local female gender to take part in the local motorsport scene.

Well done Marisa!

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