Small Island Big Petrolheads

Small Island Big Petrolheads

Malta is a very small island in the centre of the Mediterranean  that covers about 316  km2 (122 sq mi) which makes it the 8th most highly densely countries in the world. All cars are imported to the country through a high registration tax and a high yearly road licence when comparing it to the average wage, making cars expensive to buy and to maintain when comparing it to other fellow European countries.
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Above all this the roads are poorly maintained, traffic is everywhere and recently Malta is in the top 5 EU countries that have the most expensive fuel.

Despite all of this motorsport racing and show cars are very popular with the Maltese. They just love their cars whether its an old classic, modified car, or the latest model off the showroom. They also are very competitive in the motorsport scene including drag racing, hill climbs, drifting, time attack and off roading.

Did you know? In the past Malta use to have a production plant for the classic Mini and recently even AC Cobra, where cars were built to be exported to other markets.
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Photos by: Matthew Camilleri

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