Porsche 997 - Visual Guide to all OEM Bumpers and Exterior Parts Catalogue

Porsche 997 - Visual Guide to all OEM Bumpers and Exterior Parts Catalogue

The concept of this guide was to provide a quick side by side reference to all the OEM bumpers and exterior accessories. Some parts have multiple part numbers, and to keep things visually simple I kept one part number and the rest included in the hyperlink, which will send you on ebay, so that you have a chance to grab a deal on a used part. Also note the part numbers are for the main part (were applicable), this will allow you to search the Porsche catalogue for this part number and see what other bits are needed to make the installation complete, such as ducts, brackets and screws.

I'm to sure that things do need to be refined, if you seen an issue feel free to contact us.

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  • Multiple part number for the same item might be the result of Porsche updating the part. To simplify things one part number is provided for each scenario, however the links pointing you to ebay will include the multiple part numbers thus increasing your chance to find the required part at a good price.
  • Part number for bumpers, are for the covers, additional parts are required to make the setup complete.

Front Bumper

The Porsche 997 front bumpers do not differentiate between narrow and wide body at the front, but do differ trims. The bumpers that appear to have the same style but have different part numbers are to accommodate the radiator and ducting behind the bumper. Hence this makes retrofitting a bit more complicated and is why I separated them in the list below.


with 3rd radiator holes
* with headlight washer holes

​Third Radiator

  • Tiptronic - all cars have the 3rd radiator as standard in order to cool the transmission fluid in the same fashion as the engine oil.
  • PDK - The new pump flows approximately 20 percent more coolant than the old. These modifications along with the optimized flow of cooling air at the front of the car allowed the designers and engineers to eliminate the center radiator found on the previous models.
  • Manual - cars can also be opted with a 3rd Radiator if the have the Option Code 183 - Super Hot Country.
Model Pre-Facelift Facelift Notes
Carrera / Carrera S Base

Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

Optional Aero  

GTS n/a The same as the Facelift Aero Bumper but with a more subtle front lip.

Complete part number: #99704480211

Sport Classic / Speedster n/a The same as the Facelift Aero Bumper but with a different front lip.
Turbo base The angle of side vents are different. Below is a 997.2 turbo bumper with 997.1 turbo grills.

Turbo Aerokit
  • Bumper Cover: (same as above)
  • Lip: (same as pre-facelift)
To be confirmed: The only difference is that the lip is prepared or a different material in a way that it could be painted
GT2 n/a
GT2 RS n/a
GT3 The design is similar to the aero bumpers, but the GT3 bumpers come with the "smiley" grill cut out.
GT3 RS The same as the GT3 Bumper but with a different front lip and different center grill.

For facelift, there is contrast paint on the center opening and flares

GT3 RS 4.0 n/a

Same as above

The same as the GT3 RS Bumper but with side canards and flare extensions. (see accessories below for these extra part numbers)
GT3 Cup


To be confirmed: Front lips differ from what was available. The bumper is different because of the tow hook opening.


Rear Bumper

The rear bumpers might appear to be the same style but have different part numbers to accommodate the following:

  • Narrow vs Wide body
  • With or Without parking sensors
  • US or Euro versions, to accommodate the US mandate bumperettes.
* with parking sensor holes
Model Pre-Facelift Facelift Notes
Carrera Narrow Body (2/2S) Base

Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

US Version rear bumpers come with holes at the end of the license plate area, for the bumperettes to be attached.

Exhaust shape would be different between non S and S variants.

Carrera Wide Body (4/4S) / Targa Base

Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

Same design as the RWD versions, but a bit different part numbers to accommodate the wider rear-end that is on the AWD 911s.
Optional Aero

Same as above

Same as above

The aero bumper is the same, but you have accessories such as wing and exhaust tips which are mentioned below. Also the middle part is left unpainted.
GTS n/a Same as above .
Sport Classic / Speedster n/a

Bumper cover:

To be confirmed: Sport Classic never came with parking sensors.

Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

The lower lip is the same for all years - #9975055110701C
Turbo Aerokit
  • Bumper: same as above
  • Lip: same as pre-facelift

Bumper cover:

GT2 RS n/a

Bumper cover: #99750542182


Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

Note: The GT3 has the narrow body rear.

Bumper cover:

Bumper cover:

Note: Same design as the GT3, but different part number as the GT3 RS  has the widebody rear.
GT3 RS 4.0 n/a

same as above

GT3 Cup


Bumper Cover: #99750542190

Side Skirts

Description Photo Part Number Notes
Base Narrow Body


The narrow bodies do not have any bolt-on side skirts.

Base Wide Body Satin black finish have different part numbers:
GTS /GT2 / GT2 RS / GT3 RS Different design. Hard to tell but comes with a subtle curve.

Comes with different p/n, if lacquered (ready to be painted):



Description Photo Part Number Notes
Generic Aero Spoiler (Pre-Facelift) #99751222504
Generic Aero Spoiler (Facelift) #99751222510 To be confirmed: Looks familiar to the Pre-facelift spoiler, but has a different part number due to the wiring harness included.
Turbo Spoiler #99751222100
Turbo Aero Spoiler #99704480227
GT2 #99751223383
GT3 Pre acelift #99751222592KPL
GT3 Facelift #99751222596KPL
GT3 RS Pre Facelift Spoiler #99751222594KPL
GT3 RS Facelift Spoiler unknown


Sport Classic Spoiler #99751222507 The only OEM ducktail style spoiler available for the 997
Cup Ram Spoiler #99751293190 Cup Deck Lid: #997512227A1
GT3 RS 4.0 Canards
GT3 RS 4.0 Carbon Fender The standard fenders are made out of aluminium and are a bit narrower than the 4.0.
GT2 / GT3 RS 4.0 Extended Wheel Trim Left: #997505365A2 (2 piece)

Right: #997505365A1 (2 piece)

Individual pieces:
Aluminium Hood (Base) - #99751101102GRV All 997 911s come with this hood.
Carbon Hood (Gloss) - #99704485005 Comes with the clear coat applied.
Carbon Hood (Matt - GT2 RS) #99751101192
Carbon Mirrors Left: #99773161981 Right: #99773162082 Found on the GT2 RS.
Bumper Grill Vent (Smiley) #9975753278001C
Front Plate Support (Short)
Front Plate Support (Long)
Rear Plate Support (Short) #9977011130001C
Front Turn Signal Blank #99750533690 Used on 997.1 Cup Cars
GTS Exhaust Trim Whole set: #99704420008
Sport Exhaust Trim Whole set: #99704420004 Similar to that of the GTS but in silver.
Sport Exhaust Trim 2 Whole set: #99711198330 Has indents in the inner part of the pipe.
997.2 Optional Lights #99763199003


The full list of wheels available on the Porsche 997 is available on this dedicated page - https://www.carsaddiction.com/en/wheels/Porsche?m=911-997 - complete with part numbers.

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