1992-1995 Honda Civic Buying Guide

1992-1995 Honda Civic Buying Guide

Step into the nostalgic world of automotive excellence as we explore the enduring legacy of the 1992-1995 Honda Civic. To accompany this journey, we invite you to watch our immersive video walk-around, where we delve into the intricacies of this iconic compact car, sharing valuable insights and information. Now, let's dive into the timeless charm of the 1992-1995 Honda Civic, while we get our hands on a genuine SIR II model.

Design and Styling

The 1992-1995 Honda Civic's exterior was a masterpiece of sleek and aerodynamic design. With smooth lines and a well-proportioned body, this generation of the Civic not only captivated onlookers with its visual appeal but also contributed to its exceptional fuel efficiency. In our video, we'll take you on a visual tour around the car, showcasing its distinctive features and highlighting what makes it a standout choice in the compact car segment.

Chassis Codes

Code Variant Engine Sample Year
EG1 CR-X 1.5L D15B SOHC PGM-F1 1992-1995
EG2 CR-X del Sol 1.6L B16A DOHC VTEC 1992-1998
EG3 Civic Hatch 1.3L D13B SOHC Carb. Civic Hatch 1991-1996
EG4 Civic Hatch 1.5L D15B SOHC DC D15B SOHC VTEC-E D15B SOHC-VTEC D15Z SOHC VTEC (EU) Civic Hatch 1991-1996
EG5 Civic Hatch 1.6L D16Z SOHC VTEC Civic Hatch 1991-1996
EG6 Civic Hatch 1.6L B16A DOHC VTEC Civic Hatch 1991-1996
EG7 Civic Ferio/Sedan 1.3L D13B SOHC Carb. Civic Sedan 1991-1996
EG8 Civic Ferio/Sedan 1.5L D15B SOHC DC D15B SOHC VTEC-E D15B SOHC VTEC Civic Sedan 1991-1996
EG9 Civic Ferio/Sedan 1.6L B16A DOHC VTEC Civic Sedan 1991-1996
EH1 Civic Ferio 1.6L RT4WD ZC SOHC DC ZC DOHC PGM-F1 Civic Sedan 1991-1996
EH2 Civic Hatch 1.5L D15Z SOHC PGM-F1 Civic Hatch 1992-1995
EH3 Civic Hatch 1.6L D16Z SOHC (VTEC) Civic Hatch 1993-1995
EH4 Civic Sedan 1.5L D15B SOHC PGM-F1 Civic Sedan 1994-1996
EH5 Civic Sedan 1.6L D16Z SOHC VTEC Civic Sedan 1992-1995
EH6 CR-X Del Sol 1.6L D16A DOHC/SOHC(SUA) D16Z SOHC VTEC(EU) 1992-1998
EH8 Civic Sedan 1.2L D12B SOHC Carb. Civic Sedan 1992-1996
EH9 Civic Sedan 1.6L D16A SOHC PGM-F1 D16Y SOHC PGM-F1 D16Z SOHC PGM-F1 Civic Sedan 1992-1996
EJ1 Civic Coupe 1.6L (EU) D16A SOHC VTEC Civic Coupe 1993-1996
EJ2 Civic Coupe 1.5L (EU) D16A SOHC PGM-F1 Civic Coupe 1993-1996
EJ3 Civic Ferio 1.6L ZC SOHC PGM-F1 Civic Sedan 1993-1995
EJ4 CR-X del Sol 1.6L (J) D16A SOHC VTEC 1995-1998

Engine Performance

Underneath the hood, the 1992-1995 Honda Civic housed a range of engines, each delivering a balance of power and fuel efficiency. Join us in the video as we pop the hood and explore the innovative engine technologies, including the introduction of VTEC, which enhanced performance while maintaining impressive fuel economy. Whether you're a performance enthusiast or someone focused on economical driving, the Civic had an engine option to suit your needs.

Exterior Colors

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Color Code Year
Aztec Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-29P 1993-1994
Camellia Red Pearl Clearcoat R-86P 1993-1995
Captiva Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-62P 1992-1994
Carnival Yellow Y-53 Zenki model only
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-53P 1992-1993
Champion White Clearcoat NH-0 1992-1995
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-54P 1993
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-58M 1992
Fiesta Green Pearl Clearcoat GY-15P 1992-1994
Flint Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-526M 1992
Frost White NH-538 1992-1995
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat G-62P 1992-1993
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-503P 1992-1995
Harvard Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-63P 1992-1995
Horizon Gray Metallic Clearcoat RP-21M 1994-1995
Lausanne Green Pearl Clearcoat G-71P 1994-1995
Malachite Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-31P 1995
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat R-81 1992-1995
Opal Green Metallic Clearcoat G-73M 1992-1993
Paradise Blue Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-33P 1995
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-537M 1992
Phantom Gray Pearl Clearcoat NH-561P 1992-1995
Rosewood Brown Metallic Clearcoat YR-503M 1992-1993
Sonoma Red Pearl Clearcoat R-75P 1992
Tahitian Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-28P 1992
Torino Red Pearl Clearcoat R-72P 1992-1995
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-583M 1992-1995

Interior Comfort and Options

Inside the cabin, the Civic continued to impress with its thoughtful design. Our video walkthrough will guide you through the interior, highlighting the comfortable seating, user-friendly dashboard, and smart storage solutions that made the driving experience enjoyable for both the driver and passengers. Experience the ergonomic layout that maximized space without compromising on style.



Whether you're a nostalgic enthusiast or a newcomer to the classic car scene, our video and this article celebrate the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of the 1992-1995 Honda Civic. Join us on this journey through automotive history, where innovation, reliability, and style converge in the iconic 5th Generation Civic.

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