Project Bernice: 1982 Toyota Celica (RA63)

Project Bernice: 1982 Toyota Celica (RA63)


Manufacture: Toyota

Model: Celica 2.0 GT

Year: 1982



  • Celica Supra Wheels (to keep things OEM)
  • Dual Tone paint job
  • Replacement of certain worn out parts



March 2013

We stumbled across this curious looking car on a website of a local dealership (Ray Auto Dealer) which only deals in modern cars, so we imagined it would have to be in great condition for them to advertise the car. So we went to have a look, and ohhh we were in for a treat .... having only covered 50000 genuine kilometers (31000 miles) the car was all original and a GT model with the highly sought after 18R-G engine, original wheels, solid body (just minor surface rust on tailgate), electric sunroof and the rare 8 way adjustable driver seat! The asking price was a bit steep, but a car being 31 years old in this condition and the lower road tax soon to be introduced for vintage cars in Malta won us over and now its in our ownership :)

Tip: You might even want to keep Ray Auto Dealer in mind, you never know what they will get in stock!



April 2013

Currently at the mechanic (Fastlane Ltd) getting a service which we normally do to all our recently purchased used cars - a change of fluids, spark plugs, filters and wheel alignment. Since the car stood still most of its life we suspected there would be some faults, and surprisingly all it has is a faulty is a brake master cylinder that we will be replaced by a genuine unit sourced online.





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