Project Lucy: 1979 Datsun 280ZX

Project Lucy: 1979 Datsun 280ZX

This is Lucy, our Fairlady ... yep we got our hands on a 1979 Datsun 280zx. Actually this is the year when Datsun changed over to the name Nissan, so not sure if it should be classified as Datsun or Nissan. This is the first year of production of this model, and this one in particular is in great factory condition, right hand drive with the early smooth chrome bumpers.


Manufacture: Datsun/Nissan

Model: 280zx (S130)

Year: 1979



  • SSR Reverse Mesh Wheels, with low offset
  • Front Lip / Valance
  • Refreshen the paint job
  • Refreshen the suspension
  • Lowering Springs
  • Rare Fairlady badges


January 2011

This car is actually a very rare find where I am from. Having made no real progress on our Ford Capri we decided to part out with the Capri and go for the more powerful and complete Datsun.


February 2011

The Datsun came with an oil leak, which was messing our garage floor. The culprit was a faulty oil sender, we replaced that and while we were at it we did the oil filter and fresh oil.


June 2011

The car was equipped with a massive sound system which was old and crap, having a CD player in the glovebox and subwoofers, amps and what not at the rear of the car. So we removed everything making the car lighter and the glovebox reusable. Maybe in the future we will install a modern bluetooth system which would be virtually hidden to have some tunes in the car.


January 2012

The car came with a backbox looking like swiss cheese, so we took it to our local exhaust shop and got a new one together with new piping to the manifold.


July 2012

We were looking for a set of original floormats that came out with the 280ZX but never found a set ... do they exist? Anyways, In the meantime we came across a set of original S15 mats, which fitted nicely into our car.


April 2013

Sometimes we use our Datsun to test our photographic skills, and this is the result.

PS: note the spoiler we manage to find for our 280zx. Something of plastic or rubber (no fiberglass for us), small but subtle and  that looks good in black.





August 2013

She's back on the road! Previously she was garaged because of the high yearly road licence (€504), now with the lower revised yearly road tax for vintage vehicles our lady can be registered on the road for just €8 :) The process took us 3 months from when we sent the application form, to when we got the licence plates.


March 2014

We finally found the time and done our minor rear end make over. It consist of painting back panel in matt black - in our case we used Plasti-Dip so we can easily peel it off when we feel like and tinting the orange parts of the tail lights in red. Also the rear spoiler completes the whole look!



We also treated her to an engine detailing which came out great thanks to our friends at Source-R Auto Styling Centre.



And of course we couldn't help ourselves and enjoy the winter Mediterranean sunset.

280zx-malta-sunset 280zx-sunset-rear

April 2014

We been really really busy and learning how to make a video and we used our 280ZX our subject. Watch it and let us know what you think, if you like it please share with your friends and if we see the feedback is good we go on and make another video.

May 2014

Unfortunately this will be the last post of this car as we sold it. Reason being to some instant personal reasons and a future idea for another project, so we put her for sale and hope the new owner will continue to give Lucy the care and loving she deserves.

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