Our new 1st Gen Toyota Celica freshly imported from Japan

Our new 1st Gen Toyota Celica freshly imported from Japan

I've been secretly wanting a 1st Generation Toyota Celica when I was made aware of its existence about 11 years ago after seeing one in mint condition short-nose at a local used car dealer. Fast forward to this month in 2018 and I have just purchased this genuine 80k km (50k miles) 1973 first-generation Toyota Celica freshly imported from Japan and here is why:

  • All genuine, still with original interior, engine and no aftermarket parts that are drilled to the body.
  • Wear and tear that matches the mileage.
  • No rust, and no previous repair when checking with a paint thickness gauge such as this one.
  • Complete with no missing trims, even still has the original key,  tool kit and spare tire.
  • ST Trim, lots of optional extras, such as a tachometer, centre console, clock and working air condition.
  • The sale included a set of rare original 13" hubcap wheels.
  • Original and complete carpeting, including the one of the trunk and headliner.
  • The engine works like clockwork, no hesitation on cold starts and radiator temperature is kept.
  • Paint, Engine and all information VIN plate correlates to the Toyota database.
  • The underbody of the car is as clean as the top.
  • JDM auction sheet score of 3.5, and for anyone not aware of the rating a 3.5 is a very high standard for a 45 year old car.
  • and much much more.
The 70s design, front grill, simple engineering, classic looks and details such as no rear window pillar and the cool Celica dragon emblems everywhere including the rear of the seat made me want one of these badly. The red one I had seen a decade ago was out of my budget at the time and during the years if I had come across any for sale they would have been a project that would have needed too much work. So coming across the green Toyota Celica in such an exemplary condition, made me buy this on the spot.

Stay tuned for more Toyota Celica articles shared from first-hand experience :)

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