Nissan Heaven

Nissan Heaven

This is a repost of photos taken of Zama storage facility and Autech Headquarters back in 2007, 2008 and 2012, which is too good not to share.

Only the lucky few get an invitation to visit Nissan's old Zama assembly plant in Kanagawa, Japan. There's not much activity at Zama these days. First opened in 1966, the facility is largely abandoned, the result of corporate cutbacks. However in a rusty garage door tucked away in a far corner of the plant lies one of the most extensive and exclusive brand-specific car collections in the world.

This is Nissan heaven, it stores about 400 vehicles produced during the Nissan's existance, starting with the earliest passenger cars, and stretching all the way to the latest GT-R. There are concepts, racers, taxis, pickups, you name it anything Nissan was involved in will be here.

Lots of Datsun and Nissan fans won't mind checking this gallery out, unless you have a friend on the inside.

Photos by Travis Rogers & Ric Quintanilla

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