Classic Remise - Crossover between showroom and car show

Classic Remise - Crossover between showroom and car show

The "Classic Remise" in Düsseldorf is not a normal museum - it's a car dealership for classic cars that's located in an old, converted train yard. The same company originally established at Berlin Opened in 2003, and Dusseldorf in 2006 is an internationally recognized worlds of experience and expertise centers about classic cars and collectors' cars. Every square meter of space has been thoughtfully used from unique atmosphere workshops, trade and exhibition areas, glass garages, shops and service companies. Owners take their classics to be restored, pay to store their vehicles in glass garages and also display them to the public and dealers sell vintage, and a few modern, used cars.

There is a great mix of cars, from the latest supercars porsches, Mercedes, bmws to veteran Fords with some lovely Astons, Morgans and Rolls Royces thrown in for good measure. There is also a good collection of memorabilia and for the rail enthusiasts you can still see some of the railway fittings and model railway. The collection shown at the Classic Remise changes every so often since most of the vehicles on display are for sale. Its a classic and exotic car storage facility/showroom, where cars are sold off or brought in for sale, to be restored and some just to be stored.

It is not a museum in the strict sense of the word. Don't expect a lot of information on display about the cars, if any and and the cars are usually in average condition. There is no admission charge and everyone is free to wander around and photograph the cars that are spread over three levels, including a selection of motorbikes. Also a few workshops are present where the public could probably watch the workers restoring the cars during weekdays.

Getting there is a ten minute walk through a residential area to the nearest U-Bahn stop or you can get the bus which stops right outside the collection.

This is an ideal place for all car lovers, especially if you're interested in buying a classic car, this is the place to go to in Düsseldorf. Don't forget to visit the car park as well.

Address: AUE Verwaltungs GmbH Classic Remise Dusseldorf Harffstrasse 110a 40591 Dusseldorf

Phone: +49 211 22950570 Website:

Photos by Luca Pace

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