Car Heaven at Classic Car Remise

Car Heaven at Classic Car Remise

During our  recent visit to Germany led us to the city of Dusseldorf and stumbled upon  an old train yard known as Classic Remise. This is a place where any car enthusiast  could relate to as a kid going to a toy store. Whether you like old or modern, German or American...etc this is the place to visit. The best thing about Classic Remise it's not like any other museum, it has a combination of one large car showroom, part car storage and part workshop.

The Classic Remise which is a converted train yard allows owners to store their pride and joy in glass cubicles for everyone to enjoy. There are also various shops at the ground floor including bookshops, souvenirs, clothing and other workshops ranging from mechanics to upholstery.

The main attraction for any visitor would be the open central  yard where you can find a nice collection of classic and modern cars that are for sale.
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These range from various vendors such as Movendi, Mobility Classics, Loeffelsender, Bratke, Stradale Cars and Milano Motors.

Lots of cars to suit everyone's taste, that even a car fanatic like myself would have difficulty in recognizing some cars.
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The car manufacturers I have hardly known about are DonkerVoort, David Brown, Frisker and some random car which seems to be a cross between a Morgan Aero 8 and TVR Tuscan which till date we still have no clue what it is.

The entrance for the Classic Remise is free and can be located 25mins away from the Dusseldorf airport. And opens from 8am to 8pm all week except on Sunday when it opens at 10am.

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