A Honda Mechanic's Dream - Spoon Sports Type One

A Honda Mechanic's Dream - Spoon Sports Type One

Our friends at Kyokudo Racing had the opportunity to visit the famous Spoon workshop, TYPE ONE. In case you didn't know the manufacture Spoon is the famous blue/yellow Honda tuning brand that every Honda enthusiasts would love to own every part in their catalogue to fit onto their Honda.

The Type One shop built in 2012 is located in the Ogikubo area of Tokyo, Japan and was designed by Torafu Architects to function as a display area as well as a body shop. The popular models they work on are the S2000, Accord, Integra, Civic Fit and NSX. Its a shop where you could buy original Spoon parts as well as have your Honda serviced, and for the people who have the deep pockets to have their car transformed into its full potential boosting performance, handling and decreasing the weight of the car.

Photos by Daniel J. Vella

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