How to install the original Gran Turismo for PS1 on your PC

How to install the original Gran Turismo for PS1 on your PC

You might be like us and want to relive 1998, and jump right back into the epic game Gran Turismo on the original Sony PlayStation. However your old console might be in storage somewhere and it might no longer connect to your TV. So as long as you have the original console and game the steps below are legal.

To set up Gran Turismo on the PC is really straightforward, all you have to understand is that you need 2 things, an Emulator and a ROM.


This software is to be considered as the virtual console (PlayStation). There are many to choose from but each varies on setup and how they render the graphics. The best one I found for Gran Turismo was DuckStation, and here are the following steps to get it running on a Windows PC:
  1. Recommended - DuckStation: download the "" version.
  2. BIOS files - these are required for the emulator to run. Only download these files if you actually own the PS1 console.
  3. Extract DuckStation to any desired location on your PC.
  4. Create folder "Bios" under the new DuckStation Folder
  5. Transfer BIOS files to the new BIOS folder
  6. Run duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG.exe
  7. Optional setup
    • Controller settings - setup accordingly
    • Display Settings - if the graphics are too pixelated, you can change the render mode. Every PC is different, so it's a trial and error approach.
    • For further setup, I recommend this tutorial -



This is what replaces the physical CD ROM. You would want to Google Search Gran Turismo Rom for PS1 to find an available one. Again this is only legal if you actually own the CD.



Copy the below codes to the cheat manager to enable the desired cheat.

Infinite Credits

FFFFFFFF 0000FFE8 8009B8F4 0000CA00 D0011840 0000FFE8 8009B8F6 00003B9A


All Gold License

3009E444 00000003 3009E445 00000003 3009E446 00000003 3009E447 00000003 3009E448 00000003 3009E449 00000003 3009E44A 00000003 3009E44B 00000003 3009E44C 00000003 3009E44D 00000003 3009E44E 00000003 3009E44F 00000003 3009E450 00000003 3009E451 00000003 3009E452 00000003 3009E453 00000003 3009E454 00000003 3009E455 00000003 3009E456 00000003 3009E457 00000003 3009E458 00000003 3009E459 00000003 3009E45A 00000003 3009E45B 00000003

Rare Nissan Cars

Unlock rare Nissan cars which are rewarded and cannot be bought, includes R32 Nismo, R33 LM, 400R

8007DAD8 00000064 8009B90A 00000064 8009BA9C 00000026 8009BAFC 0000003D 8009BBEC 0000003F 8009BBBC 00000040 8009BC1C 0000003F


Hope this tutorial helps you to install the game successfully on your PC. In the meantime, check out our video on Gran Turismo, and if not already please do subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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