Project Tracey: 1994 Honda Civic EG9

Project Tracey: 1994 Honda Civic EG9

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Manufacture: Honda
Model: Civic Lsi
Year: 1994


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From the Factory

A RHD civic with extras such as air condition, power windows, electric sunroof, central lock, power steering.

Engine, Brakes & Suspension

B16A2 Engine conversion

 Strangely our car was a OBD0, so we had to convert that to OBD1. And the donor car had no AC, so we had to retrofit the Dseries condenser to the Bseries mount and pipes. Besides that the swap was easy. And while its out we replaced the clutch.

Rear Brake Disc conversion

 Bigger engine, means you need better braking.

Red Calipers

 Just to show them off a bit.

Accord Type-R Back box

 We replaced our pea shooter with an OEM Honda backbox for performance gains but keeping sound levels low.

Straight Exhaust Pipe

 To compensate for the bigger engine, we increased the diameter of the pipe and in process we deleted out the catalytic converter (still passed emission test by the authorities).

Cold Air intake

 You could hear the sound difference, and we used this car as a daily driver during winter and never had any problems of it scooping in water.

Tanabe strut bar

 We liked the finish of Tanabe strut bars together with its functionality.


 OEM Honda front lip

 Aftermarket ones where either with vents or too extreme, prefered the clean look of the OEM lip.

 OMP springs, lowering the car 40mm

 Recommended! Together with this and te strut bar, the Civic handled like a dream in corners.

 Carbon Creations Grade A Hood

 We loved that we had a genuine carbon hood, made us look down on those who had a wrapped hood lol


 To leave a bit of mystery for those who don't know what it is.

 Clear side indicators

 Taken from a stock Mk4 Opel Astra

Power Folding Heated Mirrors

 Really comfortable to have for our tight streets in our country.

Ferio Mugen Wing

 Rare and expensive to find, but worth all of it.

Ferio rear quater panel garnish


Red/Grey Interior Retrim

Front Recaro seats

 Stock seats were rubbish, Integra seats didn't have teh headrest (for our multimedia installation), so we found a good deal with some Recaro fishnet headrests which was exacly what we were looking for.

OEM Ferio rear bucket seats

 Came with out donor car when we did the engine conversion, win win :)

OEM map light from an Integra

OEM Audio Console with rare coin tray and bronze flap din

 Rare find! Plenty out there for LHD cars, but rare to find for a RHD versions (notice by the location of the cigarette lighter). Ours came complete with the coin/cup holder din, and single din with bronze flap.

Momo Race 3 spoke steering wheel

 We tried various steerign wheels, but this was our favorite in feelinf and style.

OMP Steering wheel boss

 we liked the rubber feel of the OMP boss, opposed to other plastic versions


Rear television screens and a Playstation 2 slim beneath the seat

 A total of 3 TV screens with dual input, so each passenger can either watch whatever is playing on teh head unit or have a go on the PS2 simultaneously.

6000K HID headlights

 We don't recommend the 6000K HID temperature, we prefer the 4500K we installed on the Impreza.

Red/Clear Tail lights

 Usually OEM have a version of taillights without the orange in teh taillight, however Hodna never produced this for the EG. But these aftermarket taillights coem really close to OEM quaility and looks.


OEM 15" alloy fat five wheels

 Sprayed in our choice of brownish gunmetal. Really getting rare now.



  • JDM Rear windshield with wiper arm
  • Power Mirror Switch with Heated button
  • OEM Remote FOB Infrared Door Handle
  • Retrofit OEM EK Steering Column Light
  • OEM Speaker Map light
  • OEM Door Pioneer Tweeters
  • OEM Hood Bra
  • Upgraded Manifold


October 2001

This is our very first project car, a 5th generation  Honda Civic which It started out as an EG8 (basic 1.5 non vtec model sedan) to an EG9 (1.6 vtec twin cam sedan) with EG6 (1.6 vtec hatcback) extras.

I was prepping this sedan to be the Type-R if  Honda had to release the version for the EG. We accomplished this by sourcing all the rare JDM parts for the Civic.

February 2012

We have owned the car for 10 years and has only been sold because it was left unused on the side of the garage and we needed the space for a new project.


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